are known to trigger allergies and spread disease causing organisms.

What is it that makes cockroaches so very repulsive?

Is it their hairy legs, wavering antennae and that oily, nauseating smell that they leave behind?

Or the fact that they scurry (and defecate) just about everywhere, spreading allergies and diseases as they go?

Or is it simply that they are so very persistent and seemingly impossible to get rid of?

It doesn’t matter where you live or work in the Toronto area – there seem to be cockroaches wherever you look!

Open your kitchen cupboards and you’ll see one scuttling away behind your boxes. Click on your bathroom light at night and there’ll be another disappearing down the drain. In hotels, motels, apartments, offices, commercial premises, restaurants, university campuses throughout Toronto and the GTA you’ll find cockroaches just about anywhere you choose to go.

One reason for their all-pervasive presence is that cockroaches can live off practically nothing. Even toothpaste and cardboard boxes can sustain them and so long as they have water to keep their bodies moist they can survive on very few calories.

The most common type of cockroach in the Brampton-Mississauga-Vaughan-Richmond Hill area is the so-called German cockroach which actually is believed to originate in South East Asia!

German cockroaches are in fact closely associated with human activities and dwellings throughout the world and, as long as they have ready sources of water, shelter and food, just about the only limiting factor for their survival is cold temperatures.

The problem is that for every adult cockroach you see, there are many more hidden away behind the scenes and at least four nymphs and numerous eggs waiting to mature. They are usually most active at night, so when you start to see cockroaches moving around during the day you can pretty much tell that you are on your way to a real infestation.

Cockroach Control

Once your cockroach population has got out of hand it is wise to call in a professional pest removal company such as Pest Free Living of Toronto to assist in getting the situation under control.

Pest Free Living has the knowledge, expertise and experience to be able to rapidly reduce your high cockroach population and to put into effect an integrated pest management plan that will prevent them from reproducing on such a large scale in the future.

We will not only eliminate the current adult population of cockroaches, but will take steps to eradicate the nymphs and eggs that could come to maturity within 60 days.

We will also examine your premises and show you the steps that you can take to prevent cockroaches entering in the first place, and make recommendations for actions you can take that will make your home or work place far less attractive to cockroaches overall.

For more information about cockroach extermination in homes and commercial properties in Richmond Hill, Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, and other local neighbourhoods in and around Toronto and the GTA, call Pest Free Living on 416-321-5060 or contact us online for a free quote.

We offer 24-hour assistance and will be happy to arrange a home visit and to draw up an integrated pest management plan to keep your home or workplace cockroach-free!

Tips for Cockroach Control

  • Limit sources of water, including dripping taps, leaking pipes, pet water bowls, over-watering of plants, sinks left with water inside, etc.
  • Place all foodstuffs (flour, pasta, sugar, cereal, etc) in closed plastic containers rather than leaving them in paper packaging.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes out around your sink at night.
  • Place all garbage in containers with a lid that tightly seals.
  • Seal all cracks around plumbing pipes, baseboards, windows, door frames, etc.
  • Make sure your open windows are protected by screens that fit properly.
  • Block up entry and exit points in external siding – a favourite cockroach harbourage is in-between wall spaces.
  • Don’t store cardboard – particularly corrugated cardboard – boxes in your home or workplace – these create an ideal habitat for cockroaches to breed.
  • Keep recycled cans of soft drinks, beer, etc covered (cockroaches are attracted to fermented foodstuffs).

Dust and sweep regularly and keep surfaces clean and sanitized, including bedding and upholstery.