Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are parasites that feed on human blood while they are sleeping. They cause bites and sleepless nights. They hitch hike on people and things and move into new households.



In lieu of Cats and Dogs humans are next favourite target for Fleas to provide them with a blood meal. At times Fleas become numerous with wildlife sheltering in the immediate vicinity of our homes.



Centipedes are scary looking insect that preys upon other insects. Humid basements harbour decent insect population and these predators feed upon them.



These creepy crawly pests feed on ants and flies and any other insect that gets trapped in their nest. They are a problem indoors and outdoors.



Bees, Wasps and Hornets are a threat to people allergic to their venom. Also that their stinging is quite painful in itself.



There are several species of Ants that invade our homes and make nests in the cavities of our homes. We use bait so you do not need to leave the house as the treatment is not invasive to humans.



We deploy Cockroach Bait that surgically targets them alone. It is applied in a completely safe and non-intrusive manner. Cockroaches feed on the bait and gradually die off in a fool proof manner.

Mice & Rat

Mice and Rat

For Mice & Rats we deploy the best commercial rodenticides available to Pesticides Operators in Ontario. This is a fool proof method to get rid of unsuspecting rodents.

If you live in and around Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton or other parts of Toronto and the GTA and are suffering from some kind of insect infestation, call Pest Free Living right away and we will come to assist.

Our expert pest exterminators work round the clock, 24/7/365 and are always happy to rid you of the those little critters that are making your life a misery!

Bed Bug and Flea Elimination

One of the greatest insect infestation problems we tackle nowadays comes from bed bugs whose numbers are on the increase not only in Toronto and the GTA but across the whole of Canada and even the western world.

We think the bed bug population explosion is due in part to increased domestic and international travel, and bed bugs’ growing resistance to many common forms of pesticide.

Bed bugs are a particular nuisance in hotels, campuses, dorms, as well as private houses in Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton, Richmond Hill and elsewhere in Toronto and the GTA.

Like fleas, bed bugs often hitch a ride on people’s clothing and their suitcases and will readily set up home in new surroundings where they are warm, sheltered and have a blood host to feed off.

We will spray your premises with our specially-formulated bed bug pesticide which is effective against bed bugs and fleas at all stages of their life cycle, including nymph and eggs.

Most infestations are completely eliminated just one initial treatment. We will also advise you on how to keep them from coming back. For more information see Client Preparations for Bed Bug Treatment.

Mice, Rat and Rodent Control

Our rodent control measures have NEVER failed yet!

Once we set our rat and mice baits we are 100% confident that your rat, mouse or other rodent pests will disappear within 5 weeks.

Unlike glue traps and snap traps which rodents quickly learn to avoid, or electronic sound devices which they learn to ignore, our anti-coagulant rodenticide baits remain a tempting snack right to the end and within a month or so your entire rat and mouse colony will have been eliminated.

We don’t need to tear out your dry wall, or search under your floors or up in your attic – it will be as if your rat and mouse visitors have just packed their bags and moved on!

And you don’t need to worry about foul-smelling carcasses because they dehydrate and leave no odor.

For 100% guaranteed rat and mice control in Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Vaughan, Brampton or other parts of Toronto and the GTA, call Pest Free Living right away and we will come to assist.

Exterminating Flying and Crawling Insects

At Pest Free Living we don’t believe in simply spraying the ants and cockroaches we can see running around.

Instead, we use an effective and very efficient ant bait which your unwelcome visitors carry back to their nests to eliminate the colony from within.

We also make use of excellent cockroach baits which render the females sterile so that they cannot reproduce.

In areas with heavier cockroach infestation we combine these with use of our contact-based insecticide spray which generally ensures that your cockroach problem disappears within a month or so.

The spray adheres to different surface areas and is transferred to the cockroach’s body when it comes out to feed at night.

The reason that cockroach elimination and control can take several weeks to have full effect is that, like bed bugs and fleas, cockroaches lay eggs and go through different life stages on their journey to becoming fully mature and ready to breed and we need to be sure to have measures in place until every last egg has hatched and every last nymph has been removed before reaching maturity.

Our contact-based insecticide together with baits ensures that we can eliminate your cockroaches at all stages of their life so that your problem does not re-occur.

Spiders, House-Flies, Fruit-Flies, Sow bugs, Centipedes, Bees or Wasps

Again, we use sprays to remove the immediate offenders and baits that are taken back to the nests and eradicate the entire population from within.

If you would like to find out more about Pest Free Livings expert exterminators and the techniques we use to get rid of and control your unwanted parasite, flying and crawling insect and small animal pests, please call 416-321-5060 or Contact Pest Free Living online.

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