Bed bugs are parasitic insects which survive on human blood. The bugs are able to feed on human blood due to the presence of certain proteins in the saliva which dilates the blood vessels and let the flow easily into bugs’ body. The bed bugs can bite you if you sleep on a bed having bed bugs. Some people’s body show severe symptoms of bed bug bites while some people do not get affected so significantly. A few people might not have a clue that they were bitten by bed bugs while some people may be allergic to bed bug bites and suffer from rash and extreme itching. This is difference is because of the difference in the immunity of different people. The immune system is the reason of the degree of severity of the bug bite. Severe cases may have psychological effects, physical effects like skin blisters, and allergic reactions. By allergic reactions, we mean that the skin develops a large wheal and the person suffers from itching and inflammation.

But it is very important to be sure that it is the bed bug which is responsible for the symptopms. Do not try any remedies before you are sure. To confirm that it is a bug bite, you should follow the given steps:

1. Look for symptoms:

The bug bites are not much different from an insect bite. The bed bug bites are very much similar to the mosquito bites. Many a times, even the doctor will not be able to diagnose the bed bug bites. But there is a unique pattern of bed bug bites. The bed bugs usually bite in a row. They bite you for 3 to 5 times in a go. Some bites may even be alone and it is not a compulsory condition.

2. Recall the time of the bite:

Some bed bug bites can react on your skin within a few hours and you will know whether or not you were on the bed during that period. This can confirm a bed bug bite. But some bed bug bites may manifest a reaction a week after the actual bite happed.

3. Check the beddings and bed covers:

You should look for red spots on the bed sheets. The spots can be formed after a bed bug bites you and may leave some blood after it is done feeding on your blood. You should check each inch of the mattress and specially the seams in each direction. Look for any sleeping bed bugs, or some carcasses. You may even find empty skins and feces of the bed bugs which can prove their existence.

After you are sure that it was a bed bug responsible for the bite on your skin, you should follow the given steps to treat it:

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications

1. the most recommended remedy is to apply steroidal anti-itch OTC cream. This kind of cream should contain cortisone or hydro-cortisone. To apply it on your skin, follow the instructions on the package of the cream.

2. The rash produced by the bed bug bite can be dried using calamine lotion. This lotion will also help the skin and protect it while healing.

3. Use an OTC which has pyridoxine. This will provide you relief from the pain. Diphendrydramine is another chemical you should look for in your OTC cream or lotion and it will help you in itch control.

4. If you are taking any tablets, you should make sure that they are anti-histamine. The allergy tablets will keep the swelling and rash in control. For the dosage of these tablets, you can read package instructions and may even consult a doctor.

5. For pain killers or pain relievers, you should use the tablet which has ibuprofen or naproxen.

Home Remedies

1. For treating the bed bug bites, you should make a paste of baking soda using water. For this, you need to take baking soda in a bowl and add water in small amounts. You need to stir continuously. Keep the paste thick and also apply a thick layer of this paste on your skin where the bug bit you. Let this paste dry and keep it for about an hour. After that, wash it off using warm water.

2. Apply lemon juice using a soft cotton ball and let it dry out. This will help you to control the itching.

3. Apply an aloe gel as aloe contains anti-fungal and antibiotic properties.

4. Soak in warm water:

Find powdered oatmeal, concentrated peppermint oil, baking soda and Alka-Seltzer and mix these well. The alka-seltzeds should be added only if the person is allergic to aspirin.

5. Use white vinegar on the bug bites. Apply the white vinegar using the cotton ball.

6. Bath using soap and cold water, which will help you get rid of itching.