No one usually worries about the bed bug infestation at their home. But the brain becomes restless when you are travelling. This is because of the horror stories about the bed bugs on travel or at a hotel. You are also afraid that these creatures may enter your house along with you or your things. And that would be a total nightmare. No one will like a bed bug into their living space. The red blisters caused by the bed bugs scare you. You can’t manage to look at yourself if you have been bitten by a bed bug and you are horrified by the idea of having them at your place or near you. Not only they cause itchy and swelling blisters, they also affect the psychology and make you anxious, paranoid or insomniac.

Look for Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs look as insects which are oval shaped, flat and reddish colored. The sizes of the bed bugs can vary and is usually somewhere between 1mm to 7mm. basically, if you have seen an apple’s seed, the bed bug pretty much look like them. You won’t find them so easily lying on the bed waiting to be discovered. But their signs are there right in front of your eyes. You would find their feces which are brown waste stains and may look like black pepper flakes. You may even find some shedding skin or eggs or baby bed bugs.

Preparation for travel:

The bed bugs can hide themselves in the folds and seams and you luggage should be any such thing. You should carry a hard-shelled bag in which they cannot reach. Everything must be packed in plastic bags sealed from the top. Open the plastic bag only when you need something from it or when you want to add something to it. Be careful that a bug may not slip into your packages. By taking precautions, the bed bugs are hardly getting a chance to get into your space.

Your place of stay:

If you are staying in a hotel while you are travelling, you may think that the hotel is your home now, but it isn’t. The temporary room that you rent for a few days may not feel very much comfortable like your home. But you are going to have to adjust anyway. But before you get too cozy there, make sure you have inspected the space for the presence of bed bugs. You should check under the covers and get to the closest possible distance. Try using a flashlight. The seams and edges of the mattress must also be checked. Bed bugs are just named bed bugs because they are usually found on beds. But this does not mean they are not found somewhere else but beds. The bed bugs are also found in the surrounding sofas, cushions, drapes, etc. to be more cautious, check the wall hangings, mirror work and artwork.

Seen a bed bug in the hotel:

When you have seen a bed bug at this point of time, you tell the hotel staff about the uncleanliness. Before telling them, you should have a group of evidences against the bed bugs. The hotel management will agree if you agreed to show the evidences. After informing and complaining, you should change into another rooms and sleep into another one. Most of the hotel management people attack on the bed bugs and take actions immediately. They don’t want to have a visible bed bug roaming around in the hotel and spoiling the image of their commercial hotel.

When you return back form the journey:

If you have had a chance to meet the terrifying bed bugs, then do not think of it as not a big deal. Be serious about your meetings with those creatures. It might be possible that you may have bought a few of the bed bugs along with you. So, before entering the house, inspect the luggage thoroughly. For that you need a private land in open. You can access the luggage at the garage. If you are taking the luggage inside the house, you should open the luggage in a balcony or a bathtub. Check every piece of clothing you carried on the trip. Clean your clothes and luggage using a vacuum cleaner and after cleaning only, you can store in it its place.

The bed bugs won’t be able to harm you if you take all the necessary steps and be really cautious every time. There are cities which are more prone to bed bugs and other cities. This is because the climatic conditions of a place help you decide that if the weather is suitable for the growth of bed bugs or not. Even after this, the bed bugs enters our house, you should call for a Springer service for a unit room.