Bed bugs may not transmit disease but that should not be a reason for you not to control the possibilities that they can prey on your homes. Remember that they are classified as ectoparasites and as such, they would usually feed on you or your loved ones’ blood. While some people will not mind the bite that comes from a bed bug, others would usually be irritated with the itch that comes with it. When this scenario worsens, medication would be necessary.

The case presented above is just one of the many reasons for you to finally consider bed bug control for your home. Control can help prevent bed bug infestation eventually. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you see smoothly into the bed bug control process.

Step 1 – Identify how bed bugs may get into your home

There are a few common defined ways on how bed bugs may actually frolic and proliferate inside your homes. One popular method of infestation is called the “hitchhike”. Hitchhiking of bed bugs happens when they hide in your suitcases, clothing, furniture and bedding. In this case, they travel from an infested area down to your belongings.

Step 2 –Take the necessary preventive measures

Identifying bed bugs is crucial to bed bug control and prevention. Now that you know where they usually travel to infest your homes, you need to make the necessary preventions. In this case, you are advised to check for bed bugs on the aforementioned hiding places. In case you have travelled from one place to another, make sure you inspect your suitcases for any signs of bed bugs before finally bringing them in your home. If possible, store your luggage inside the garage so that the bugs will not have to enter your room.

Inspection is always important when it comes to prevention. Aside from checking your belongings when you travel, you also need to check for signs of bed bugs when making furniture purchases. Scrutinise every small detail of the furniture before finally saying yes to the purchase and bringing that item to your home.

Step 3 – Look for signs of bed bug infestation

The first thing you will look at when you want to see signs of bed bug infestation is your skin. Bed bugs are bloodsuckers. You can be their prey while you sleep at night. The bite can be so itchy but often you can mistake them from a mosquito or any other pest bite. However, you can dig deeper into the effects of the bite just so you can classify it as a bed bug bite. Often, when it turns worse, a secondary infection may linger.

Signs of bed bug infestation can also be seen in crevices. These pests can hide anywhere from bedding cracks to peeling wallpapers and even to hanging picture frames. They are usually reddish in color and are wingless with a size of about 1mm. Some bugs may grow as big as 7mm but that is still too small to see.

Step 4 – Conduct further checks

Bed bugs assimilate and build stains on your bedding and other surfaces. The blood spots are rusty and can easily be seen on beddings, curtains and other cloth-like materials. However, you have to take note that these bug stains can end up unnoticed on some furniture. So you better make further checks from simply searching for a blood spot to identifying the smell that is commonly linked to the presence of bed bug infestation. There is that sweet but musty odour that comes with it and when your home is severely infested, this odour becomes stronger. That smell is somewhat similar to the scent you smell in an old, unused home.

Step 5 – Get the situation under control

Often, you will resort to using pesticides for DIY bed bug control. You can also try techniques that can prevent these bugs from infesting your home further. While this process is a good thing to start with, you should consider taking another route if your home is already severely infested by the pest.

In this case, getting the situation under control would mean hiring the help of experts in bed bug control. The good thing with using their services is that you can rely on them when it comes to inspecting every little corner in your home just to make sure that bed bugs are not creeping and hiding on that spot. They have all the necessary tools and expertise in the field of bed bug control.

We, at Pest Free Living, understand your needs when it comes to putting up a good fight against bed bugs. Our bed bug removal tools and mechanisms are backed with expertise and knowledge from the people in our team. You can rely on us when it comes to getting these bugs under control.