Pests of all kind can cause a lot of troubles, especially when they come in large numbers and they already establish colonies in the house. For example, bed bugs are some of the nastiest and most annoying types of pests out there. They can cause skin rashes and irritations, they can leave their marks all over the bedspreads and even provoke different types of health problems. It is mandatory to get rid of bed bugs right away, otherwise their numbers will increase rapidly. On the other hand, if you don’t have bed bugs in your house yet, don’t think that an infestation will not occur. Here is a list of tips that will prevent you from ever having such troubles.

Look for bed bugs right after you have checked in a hotel

Bed bugs can be easily and accidentally transported home by a person who travels a lot. These pests can crawl into the luggage of a traveler or even in his own clothes and when that person gets back home, he also brings unexpected guests. Therefore, it is very important to check the hotel room and look for bed bugs in the bed, couch, armchair or any other place. The traveler should pay attention to the bedspreads first and foremost. If they have bloodstains or rusty spots then it means that the hotel room might have a bed bug infestation. It is wise to immediately leave that room and ask for another one which might not be infested. Preferably, the second room shouldn’t be next to, above or below the infested room because there are big chances for that room to have bed bugs too.

Luggage should always be placed on the luggage rack

In a similar fashion, a lot of tourists or travelers tend to put their luggage on the floor of the hotel room or directly on the bed. This is not a good idea as if there are bed bugs in that hotel room, they will quickly crawl inside the luggage and lay eggs. Until the trip is over, an entire colony of bed bugs can develop inside the luggage and it will be unwillingly transported back home. In some cases, travelers even pick up bud begs while on a cruise ship, not only when staying in hotels. To prevent this, travelers should always use the luggage rack available in their hotel rooms.

Wash all clothing items after getting back from the hotel

Those who suspect that they have brought bed bugs with them should immediately take action, before the populations of bed bugs increase dramatically. They should wash all the clothing items they had with them during their trip (including the ones they didn’t wear) in hot water and hopefully, all bed bugs will be gone. Afterwards, those clothes should be dried in the drying machine using the hottest setting possible. Bed bugs are not resistant to high temperatures and after this ordeal, they will definitely be killed.

Avoid buying second-hand furniture items or second-hand beds

Although these items might come at a reduced price and they might still be in a good condition, it is not recommended to buy them. Second-hand furniture items can have various defects and flaws which might not be visible with the naked eye such as being infested with bud begs. Although traces of these pests might not be noticed, those little insects can still live inside second-hand furniture items for almost a year without eating. Obviously, when the used furniture items are brought home and the family members are using them, bud begs will immediately start to cause problems and bite everyone in the house during the night.

Maintain a clean house as well as cover cracks and holes

As any other pests, bed bugs can enter the house through various uncovered places such as cracks in the walls or floors, etc. In order to prevent this, the homeowner should inspect his house and cover all the holes and cracks which might be used by rodents, bed bugs or other insects to get inside the property. Different types of sealants are available on the market these days which can do a great job in closing all those cracks and holes in the walls or floors. In a similar fashion, it is very important to clean the house on a regular basis as all types of pests are attracted to dirty and unclean places.

However, if your problem with bed bugs is more severe then it is a good idea to call the professionals before these insects ruin your life. We offer top quality pest control services at affordable prices and we can eliminate all the bed bugs in your house with little to no effort. Also, our specialists exterminate other types of pests such as rodents, cockroaches and so on. Give us a call, tell us more about your problem and we will definitely find a solution for you!