When bed bugs infest a home, this becomes a real menace for the simple reason that they are extremely difficult to get rid of. They will find refuge in beds, cushions, crevices in wooden furniture and every other little space in your home unless you destroy them at the earliest possible chance. The use of insecticides is one of the best ways for you to try and eradicate them but there are lots of myths about the use of insecticides. So what is worth believing and what is simply a collection of old wives’ tales? Find out right here in this article!

DDT is the best solution for bed bug control

These days, the most often used insecticides in order to control bed bugs are the pyrethrums. Though they are very effective on destroying bed bugs initially, these little insects develop resistance against them in a short time. Knowing this situation, many people argue that the solution for the problem is to start using DDT which was deemed very effective against bed bugs a few decades ago. But only a few of these people who make the suggestion realize that both these insecticides work against them through the same mechanism. Therefore, believing that people should bring back DDT is totally a cause not worth pursuing.

It is interesting to find how these two insecticides work. Both these substances are able to bind with the sodium pores available in cells. When they do, they will flood the cells with sodium and the result will be a misfiring nervous system. Ultimately, the insect will die. It must be remembered that DDT is not biodegradable but pyrethrums are biodegradable, hence they are also environmental friendly.

Bug bomb is the best treatment for bed bugs

Due to the fact that they mix with air, most people tend to think that chemicals found in these control methods reach all the bed bugs at home and eradicate them. Unfortunately this is not so. Pyrethrin, the chemical found in most of the bug bombs will get mixed with air but they are not able to reach all the bed bugs because they hide in crevices that are deep enough to prevent them from the attack of the chemical. Bed bugs could seek refuge inside mattresses, deep corners of furniture and even in inside the electrical boxes in the house. Due to this reason, bug bombs are considered to have the mildest effect on these crawling insects.

You have to throw bed bug infested mattresses and furniture away

Insecticides are not able to kill bed bugs hiding in mattresses and furniture so you must throw these items away. This is another myth most people believe. There is no need to give in so badly to these little insects. There are ways to kill them with insecticides no matter where they hide. The following is a list of actions you could take in order to save your furniture and the mattresses.

• Use a good cover on your mattress that is suspected to be infested with bed bugs. They will get trapped inside and will never be able to come out and attack you. Even if there are eggs inside, it will not matter.

• In order to get rid of bed bugs from your furniture, you could entrust the job to a good exterminating company. They will fumigate the entire home and you will no longer find them in your furniture. Hiring a bed bug extermination company is going to be costly but you can save your furniture.

• Vacuum your home frequently so that you keep it clean. This will also eliminate these dangerous creatures when control methods are also there in place.

Using insecticides alone can solve your bed bug problem

There are some who place too much confidence on chemical treatment with insecticides when it comes to the elimination of bed bugs. It is true that insecticides are able to kill them but it is necessary for you to create the environment that is conducive to the action of insecticides. In order to enable the fumes of insecticides to reach all the crevices in furniture and their hiding places in mattresses and other places, you need to have them free of dust. Also, it is necessary to have your home clean in order to reduce the number of hiding places for these crawling insects. In short, you need to have a tidy home in order to get your treatment with insecticides to be most effective.

Knowing about these myths will be helpful if you are looking for a solution to the problem when your home is infested with bed bugs. Getting help from a good professional outfit of exterminators that provide bed bug services is the best solution in most situations. They have the necessary expertise and the experience to help you get rid of bed bugs. Also, they know about the best insecticides to be used in a certain situation as well as the equipment required to execute the job in the best possible manner.