Although bed bugs are not dangerous creatures or insects which can cause a person a terrible disease, they are very annoying, especially when they seem to invade the entire house. Bed bugs are responsible for biting the homeowner as well as his family members during sleep. They feed on blood and they provoke a multitude of red dots on the skin of a person which might lead to irritations, allergies or infections.

Therefore, getting rid of bed bugs seems like a top priority in this case. Well, you first need to find out where they hide and then eliminate them from your house. Here are several places where you should look for bed bugs in your home.

Look for bed bugs in drawer joints

Bed bugs are so small that they can live in very small places, including inside drawer joints. In some cases, they can even establish large colonies in various furniture items and the homeowner might not be aware of it at all. Therefore, if one believes that he is dealing with a bed bugs infestation then he needs to check all the drawers and drawer joints in his house. Similarly, he should look into closets and file cabinets as well, so that the bed bug removal process is successful.

Look for bed bugs in electrical appliances

In a similar fashion, bed bugs are known to hide inside various electrical appliances, especially if those appliances are only used scarcely. For example, they might hide inside the toaster, the blow dryer and various other electronics. Obviously, when the bed bug removal process is over, the homeowner needs to clean them with thoroughly before using them again. Also, bed bugs are known to hide inside electrical receptacles too. The best way to get them out of such tight spots is by vacuuming the electrical receptacles for a couple of seconds.

Look for bed bugs in the heads of screws

Yes, in some cases, bed bugs can even hide in the tiny space of a screw head. If a homeowner has a lot of screws in a particular room or in his garage then he needs to check them carefully in order to successfully get rid of the bed bugs infestation. A good way to eliminate bed bugs from the heads of screws is by vacuuming those little metal pieces, but the homeowner must ensure that they are screwed tightly to metallic or wooden objects, otherwise they can get sucked altogether by the vacuum cleaner.

Look for bed bugs in the seams of chairs, couches or beds

One of the preferred hiding spot for bed bugs is in the seams of various furniture items that the homeowner might also use in order to take a nap. For example, the homeowner needs to carefully inspect the seams of his couches, chairs, armchairs or beds and if he discovers that they contain bed bugs then he should vacuum them immediately. Also, washing beddings into very hot water will eliminate bed bugs.

Look for bed bugs in the folds of curtains

Bed bugs can also be found in the folds of the curtains in each room of the house. Basically, if bed bugs find a comfortable and rather protected place, they will easily establish a colony and invade the entire house in a short time. If the homeowner discovers that he has bed bugs in the folds of his curtains, he should wash them immediately with very hot water or change them altogether if they are not expensive, but only after he got rid of all the bed bugs in the house.

Look for bed bugs where ceiling meets the wall

Just like spiders, bed bugs also love to gather in the corners of a room, particularly where the ceiling meets the walls. Luckily, it is easy to spot them in such places and the homeowner should immediately eliminate them.

Look for bed bugs under wall hangings

Homeowners who like to decorate their houses with wall hangings should remember that these are perfect hiding places for bed bugs. Therefore, a homeowner is advised to check under the wall hangings in his house and use anti-bed bug products from the market in order to kill them. Needless to say, the wall hangings need to be cleaned thoroughly after the bed bugs are eliminated.

Look for bed bugs under loose wallpapers

A wallpaper roll which wasn’t fitted properly or is quite old might be a great host for bed bugs. Before renovating, homeowners should carefully inspect the wallpapers in the house and get rid of bed bugs if they are hiding under them.

Another excellent thing you can do in order to get rid of bed bugs permanently is to take advantage of our affordable bed bug removal services. Give us a call today and our specialists will come to your house and free your property from the presence of these annoying little insects.