Luckily, bed bug bites are not dangerous, so one shouldn’t be afraid of contracting a potentially fatal disease from these little irritating creatures. However, this doesn’t mean that homeowners shouldn’t do anything if their property has been infested with bed bugs. Luckily, bed bug services are very effective and they come at affordable prices, so eliminating these pests is a piece of cake. Still, if you or someone in your family has been bitten by bed bugs then here are a couple of useful tips and tricks that will help you treat those bites.

Don’t scratch! It will only make it worse

In some cases, bed bug bites tend to be quite itchy, especially if the person who has been bitten has a sensitive skin. As a result, this person might be tempted to scratch the area of the skin which has been bitten, but this is a bad habit. Scratching will only prevent the bite from healing and in some cases, lead to infections or other skin problems.

Wash the bites with warm water and soap

This is one of the best ways of treating bed bugs at home, without needing medical attention. Again, such bites are not dangerous, so there is no need to visit the doctor. In most cases, warm water and soap are more than enough to help the bites heal quicker. One should wash the area which has been bitten in order to eliminate microbes and bacteria and also calm down the itchiness. In just a couple of days or maybe a week, bed bugs bites will be completely eliminated.

Apply a corticosteroid cream to the bites

If the bites continue to itch then one can take advantage of a corticosteroid cream in order to stop it. A weak form of this cream can be obtained from most drugstores without needing a prescription and it will be very helpful in this case.

Get a prescription antihistamine pill if the bites still itch

For some people, the corticosteroid cream might not be effective in eliminating the itchiness. In such cases, a prescription antihistamine pill might do the trick. A visit to the dermatologist might be required, so that the person who got bed bug bites gets all the information and pieces of advice he needs.

You might need an injection if you have an allergic reaction to bed bug bites

Other people might have a very sensitive skin and they might develop a nasty allergic reaction to such bites. In this case, they should immediately visit the dermatologist and get an injection of antihistamine, corticosteroid or epinephrine. These substances are known for treating allergic reactions and the person who has been bitten will feel better in a short while.

You might need an antibiotic if you developed an infection

When there are many bed bug bites on a small skin area, an infection might develop. Infections can also be caused by excessive scratching. In such cases, the dermatologist might recommend an antiseptic medication which can be bought without a prescription.

Apply a hot towel to the bitten area if itchiness doesn’t pass

There are also cases when the itchiness might be quite stubborn and one doesn’t have time for a visit to the dermatologist. In this case, a hot towel or washcloth can be applied directly on the skin area which has been bitten and the person in question might feel an instant relief. This trick doesn’t cost any money, it takes just 30 seconds and it can considerably reduce itchiness caused by bed bug bites.

Visit the dermatologist if the bed bug bites don’t heal after two weeks

Such bites usually heal very quickly, depending on the general health state of an individual. For example, the bed bug bites will heal by themselves after just a few days for most persons, in a week for others and in about 2 weeks in rare cases. However, if one still has bed bug bites on his skin after 2 or more weeks then he needs to visit the dermatologist. The bites might be more dangerous than previously believed and they can lead to a more serious medical condition if they are not treated on time.

If a homeowner wants to prevent bed bugs from causing him troubles or prevent repeated bites then he should put the following tips into practice:

• Take action from the first bite. Inspect the bed and other furniture items and use anti-pest sprays in order to eliminate bed bugs

• Inspect all clothing items in your closet and wash them properly if they contain bed bugs

• Vacuum your furniture items properly

• Call the professionals if the problems persist

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