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Bed bugs are a growing problem in school dorms, hotels, campuses, multi-family buildings, and private homes throughout the Peel region and the GTA.

Signs of bed bug infestation

  • Waking up to very itchy bites on your body, often in rows of three or more
  • Reddish brown spots on your mattress or furnishings
  • Speckles of bed bug excrement at the points of entry and exit to their harbourages
  • Unpleasant, foul-smelling odor (more obvious when there is a large population)

Beware – bed bugs breed prolifically

A single female bed bug will lay 1-12 eggs each day up to a total of some 200 eggs during her life.

These hatch between 6-18 days after being laid and the transparent nymphs will spend the next 10 weeks growing and moulting until they too reach maturity and start to breed.

This is why it is important to take action against your bed bugs at the very first sign of infestation, before the problem has a chance to grow exponentially and get out of hand.

If you suspect you might have bed bugs, call in our expert bed bug control team at Pest Free Living right away!

Getting rid of and controlling bed bugs in the GTA

Good hygiene is always important but it is not enough to exterminate bed bugs once you have an infestation.
Bed bugs are very shy and their hidden and confined harbourages are not always easy to detect – which is why you can save a lot of time and grief by calling in Pest Free Living’s expert bed bug exterminators to assist.

We’ll show you how to some extent you can control bed bugs mechanically by vacuuming mattresses, sweeping and mopping regularly, steam cleaning carpets, emptying out and sanitizing drawers and cupboards.

It also helps to keep your floors free of objects and clutter, particularly around the bed.

You can bag up clothing and put it outside on cold nights in the winter and this will kill any hidden bed bugs luring inside.
But the greatest problem is the nymphs, eggs and bed bugs that lurk deep in their hidden harbourages and cannot be removed by even the most powerful of vacuums or hottest of steam cleaners.

To eliminate these we use an insecticide especially formulated to wipe out bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle. It will even kill the eggs and nymphs that are so resistant to many other pesticides and which often go on to hatch out and start up your bed bug problem all over again.

We are so confident that our bed bug insecticide really works that we guarantee that after we have fumigated your premises, you will be bed bug free for up to seven months.

More About Bed Bugs

Ten years ago it seemed there were practically no bed bugs in Canada but their populations have been steadily increasing, perhaps due to increased domestic and international travel, or to growing resistance to some pesticides.

How to spot a Bed Bug

  • You may never spot one – they are extremely shy and avoid daylight
  • But if you think you see one, check to see if it is flat and oval-shaped
  • 6-10 mm long
  • Brown in colour, becoming red after feeding on your blood!

Apart from mattresses and headboards, bed bugs can also live in:

  • headboards particularly of fabric, leather or other natural materials
  • Side tables or night tables
  • curtains and pillows – in cases of heavy infestation.
  • in behind the peeling wall paper
  • in cracks and crevices of bed frame particularly of un0finished natural wood
  • in suitcases and bags of stored clothing
  • in between wooden panelling

… and any other dark hiding place where they can hide until they feel compelled to be looking for the host again.
Bed Bugs do not nest socially but they appear to be in clusters (obvious in heavy infestations) as they all prefer safe nesting spots.

Feeding pattern

Bed bugs usually come out to feed on your blood at night. You might wake up to ferocious itching and to see the tell-tale sign of three or more bite marks in a row somewhere on your body.

If you start to get bitten during the day time too it could be that you have been away for a while and your bed bugs have missed their nightly feast – or it could be a sign of a population getting out of control!

Although bed bugs are not associated with any illnesses in particular they are suspected to carry brucellosis, leprosy, Q-fever, oriental sores and other diseases that can harm humans.

If you suspect you might have bed bugs, call in our experts at Pest Free Living right away.

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