Centipede & Millipede
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Millipedes and Centipedes are among the most scary looking pests.

Do you open your kitchen cupboards and find millipedes curled up in the corner?

Did you wake up one morning to find you have a sudden infestation of millipedes and centipedes and don’t quite know why they chose to come in – or how to get rid of them?

Centipedes and millipedes are actually beneficial arthropods – when they choose to stay outdoors, that is!

Centipedes are carnivores, feeding off insects that damage our garden plants, and millipedes are scavengers, feed mainly off decomposing organic material.
The problem when they get inside is that centipedes have poisonous, venom-injecting fangs and will bite if provoked, though the poison usually only provokes a mild reaction except in people with allergies.

Millipedes have repugnatorial glands which means that they ooze an unpleasant substance when they feel threatened which may cause blisters, irritation, redness, itching or other allergic reactions when it comes into contact with human skin.

But besides this there is just something about those hair-like wavering legs and the way they run that makes many people shudder and call for help!
Although actually when you watch all those legs working in precisely-timed unison it really is the most beautiful and coordinated of rippling movements and a wonder to see.

However, no-one really wants to live with centipedes and millipedes invading their Ontario kitchen, bathroom, or basement so it is best to get rid of them just as soon as you can.

What makes centipedes and millipedes invade our indoor areas?

Centipedes and millipedes like cool, damp places to hide during the day and then venture out at night to seek for food. During the summer months when outdoor areas dry up they may venture into kitchens, bathrooms, basements and other places where water is present, particularly if there is a slight water leak or gently dripping tap that keeps everywhere humid.

Once established in an ideal environment indoors they probably won’t venture outdoors again until the warmer spring months when the time comes for them to lay their eggs in your garden soil.

What to do if you find yourself infested with centipedes and millipedes

It is easy to get rid of one or two specimens but if you find yourself with a sudden invasion, or they keep coming back, you may need to seek professional help.
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We can also advise you on the steps you need to take to stop your unwelcome visitors from coming back any time soon.

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How to distinguish a centipede from a millipede

Centipedes have:

  • One pair of long legs on each body segment
  • The first pair of legs has evolved into fangs
  • Are flattened in shape
  • Have distinct antennae on top of their head
  • Can run very fast
  • Can grow up to six inches long in some species.

Millipedes have:

  • Two pairs of short legs on each body segment
  • A more rounded body shape
  • Do not have antennae
  • Move fairly slowly
  • Legs move in waves
  • Are usually less than 1 ½ inches long

Surprising facts about centipedes and millipedes:

  • Some can live to up to 6 years of age.
  • They hatch out of eggs or are born as live young, depending on the species.
  • They moult – and with each moult produce an additional body segment and more pairs of legs!
  • Some species can squirt poison venom.
  • Centipedes kill their prey by grasping it with their strong fangs and then stun by injecting poison venom.

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