German Cockroaches are exterminated by deployment of Insecticides Laced Bait.

First and foremost we listen to your concerns and observations. Then we inspect the property, assess the German Cockroaches situation and devise a plan for German Cockroaches Pest Control and extermination.

We exterminate German Cockroaches by employing Insecticides laced Bait in the problem areas of the structure.

During the course of Bait application, we:

  • Target German Cockroaches directly by the Bait matrix.
  • Next, we apply Bait to German Cockroaches nesting and hiding areas.
  • Also, we apply Bait near German Cockroaches foraging and feeding opportunities.
  • Any entry and exit points used by German Cockroaches are targeted as well.
  • To conclude, German Cockroaches egg laying spots are considered as well.
Exterminator Spraying Insecticides and Killing Bugs

Our service includes a 7 months limited warranty.

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Guidelines for German Cockroaches Extermination Service.

For a faster and long lasting effects of German Cockroaches Pest Control and Extermination service delivery, please, consider the suggestions below:

Exterminator Spraying Insecticides and Killing Bugs

  • Clean and remove any pesticides that you may have applied. Also, clear and remove any traps that you may have deployed.
  • If German Cockroaches are seen in kitchen areas, then, please, clean behind the refrigerator and stove as well.
  • Many a times, German Cockroaches would feast on household crumbs and other debris. A good vacuuming, prior to the German Cockroaches extermination service would result in faster elimination of German Cockroaches.

Some advantages of exterminating German Cockroaches though a Bait Technique are:

  • We avoid using insecticides application to the broad environment resulting in less pollution and general hazard for people and pets. As well, little intrusion to the flow of life.
  • German Cockroaches are least likely to be pushed into new areas and spread the infestation.
  • There is no repulsive smell associated with deployment of bait for German Cockroaches.
  • There is no need to vacate the property for the German Cockroaches extermination service delivery.
  • You may remain present and observe the German Cockroaches bait application process .

Please give it up to 5 weeks for the complete Pest Control and Extermination of German Cockroaches. We observe that over 80% of the German Cockroaches infestations are completely eliminated by the end of this period.

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Cockroaches are known to have been a culprit in the spread of diseases like SARS as described by WHO.

Just like flies, Cockroaches travel into the trenches of the filth and decay, and then, back to our living spaces, particularly kitchens and washrooms. As well, they easily move between shared elements of connected apartments. In doing so Cockroaches transport and spread disease germs into new spaces. For their size, Cockroaches travel far and fast. So, professional extermination services should be sought soon as the problem is first observed.

Even in the absence of disease producing germs, mere presence of Cockroaches can cause allergic reactions in some people. Not to mention, that when in excess, Cockroaches produce a significant amount of excrement and skin debris that results in obnoxious smell throughout the infested property.

Aesthetic Damage and Harm:

For most people, a Cockroach sighting is repulsive and at frightening levels to some. It is rightfully due to the threats posed to human health and wellbeing. Particularly, considering the presence of children and the elderly, Cockroaches Extermination should not be delayed at all.

  • Limit sources of water, including dripping taps, leaking pipes, pet water bowls, over-watering of plants, sinks left with water inside, etc.

  • Place all foodstuffs (flour, pasta, sugar, cereal, etc) in closed plastic or glass containers rather than leaving them in paper or cardboard packaging for long.

  • Don’t leave dirty or wet dishes out around your sink at night.

  • Place all garbage in containers with a lid that tightly seals.

  • Seal all cracks around plumbing pipes, baseboards, counters, cabinets, etc.

  • Don’t store corrugated cardboard boxes in your home or workplace as these create an ideal habitat for cockroaches to nest.

  • Keep recycled cans of soft drinks, beer, etc covered (cockroaches are attracted to fermented foodstuffs).

  • Vacuum and mop regularly and keep surfaces clean and sanitized in kitchen and washroom.

  • Cockroaches are among the hardiest of the insects.

  • Cockroaches are 6 to 15 times more tolerant of radiation than humans as the rate of their body cell division is much slower than us.

  • There are only 30 kinds of Cockroaches that have the characteristics to become pests in human dwelling but only 4 of these Cockroaches are the most common problem. And German Cockroaches are the most resilient Pests from among them.

  • This BBC article suggests that humans have a built-in fear of cockroaches because of our aversion to greasy, smelly, slimy things.