Your Moths infestation will become a history!

You are on your way to exterminating Moths with our most effective pesticide spray applications.

Our service begins by listening to your concerns and observations. Then we inspect the property, assess the Moths situation and devise a plan for Moths Pest Control and extermination.

We exterminate Moths by employing insecticide spray or fog by targeting the key areas of your home, as needed.

During the course of Insecticides Spray or Fog application, we:

  • Target Moths directly by the insecticides.
  • Next, we apply insecticides to Moths nesting and hiding areas.
  • Also, we apply insecticides to Moths foraging and feeding opportunities.
  • Any entry and exit points used by Moths are treated as well.
  • To conclude, Moths egg laying spots are targeted.
Exterminator Spraying Insecticides and Killing Bugs

Our service includes a 7 months limited warranty.

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Guidelines for Moths Extermination Service.

For a faster and long lasting effects of Moths Pest Control and Extermination service delivery, please, consider the suggestions below:

Exterminator Spraying Insecticides and Killing Bugs

  • To begin, Clean and Clear out all the areas and spaces where Moths are seen.
  • Consider adjusting Air systems and Ventilation.
  • Consider that Insecticides Fog may falsely trigger Smoke or Fire alarm.
  • Some insecticides may have a petro-chemicals like smell that lingers behind for a few days.
  • Vacate property including pets before Insecticides Application begins.
  • Prepare to stay out for at least 4 hours.

Please give it up to 5 weeks for the complete Pest Control and Extermination of Moths. We observe that over 80% of the Moths infestations are completely eliminated by the end of this period.

Clothing Moths:

It is the larva (caterpillar) stage of the Clothing Moth that consumes on natural fibres of items such as wool, fur, skin, and silk.

Clothing Moth

Pantry Moths:

It is the larva (caterpillar) stage of the Pantry Moth that consumes on grains in our kitchen pantry.

Meal Moth