Bed bugs are a hugely worrying and annoying problem to face with in your house, especially if you have pets and children living under the same roof. Bed bugs can bring you a lot of skin rashes and conditions; also trigger other forms of allergies and illnesses like Asthma attacks, especially for children. Even if your house is free from bed bugs right now, be on your guard and make sure you prevent your mattresses and cushions from being taken over by bed bugs by following these methods.

Knowing the difference between bed bugs, ticks and fleas

Especially in a house with children and pets, you might come across other insects which resemble the habitat and outlook of bed bugs. You have to make sure that you know the difference between these various types of insects because each of these insects causes different problems and should be eradicated in slightly different ways. You can use the internet to compare and contrast between the different bugs and you can also call down some professionals to help you sort them out.

Don’t let fear get the best of you

One mistake many people do is to become scared of them and try not to think that they are around until they physically see the bites on their body or see the bugs running across their sofa or the bed themselves. At the same time, don’t go and throw all your furniture out once you suspect there are bed bugs in your house and get new ones because the baseline problem is not going to resolve. You have to prevent and eradicate bed bugs if they are already in your house.

Throwing out all your stuff might be a temporary solution but it is an expensive choice and the furniture that you are going to throw out or sell can go into other people’s homes and cause a bed bug infestation problem for them instead. Do not play a part in this endless vicious cycle.

Think what the most logical treatment option is

Bugs are smart as well so you have to think of a way to get rid of them or prevent them from coming which would actually work. If you see bed bugs and if you reach out to your spray can straight, what is going to happen is that you are going to kill off a few bugs but the rest of the bugs are going to move to a more hidden spot to save themselves and just reproduce more. Think of all your treatment options in entirety and then make a wise choice of calling a professional down to get yourself some help.

Keep your place neat and clean

The more cluttered areas you have in your house, the more places there will be for your bed bugs to run and hide and form a habitat in. Use protective cases for your mattresses and cushions and make sure that your entire house layout stays simple with not much furniture coming into direct contact with each other. Try and research into buying products for your furniture which are tested against bed bugs and have been proven to work well.

Maintain cleanliness

Regularly make sure that you wash up your bed sheets, and put them on the dryer on high heat. Make sure you do this for your blankets, bed spreads and other clothing as well. This will make sure that any eggs or beg bugs themselves which are caught in between the fabric are fully killed and eradicated before you start to use the material again.

Try your own methods to kill the bugs off

Some people have tried freezing to kill bed bugs, but the effectiveness rate is pretty low. Home freezers are not cold enough to effectively kill off bed bugs. And moreover there are many factors which can affect the way freezing actually kills the bed bugs as well. You can try other methods like killing bed bugs with heat, but you would need to be very careful with doing that. Usually, this too does not work with simple household equipments and needs proper machines which are designed to serve this purpose to get it right.

Don’t pass your bed bugs on to others

Make sure that you don’t get your bed bugs transferred to other people and other households because then it would become almost impossible to get them out of your neighbourhood. Bed bugs are good insects in terms of jumping around and migrating. So if you are planning to throw out your furniture which has bed bugs in them, like your mattress or your sofa cushions, then make sure you get them sent to the incinerator or you get them disposed properly so no one else picks them up to reuse them. This is important to follow to prevent the spread of bed bugs to other households.