Bed bugs are very tiny creatures that might be living in your home and would even notice, until it’s late. Whether you live in Toronto or Richmond Hill, the bed bugs can grow basically anywhere in the world. Bed bugs show their presence in your area by creating an infestation. The only way to stop the bed bug infestations is to find the bugs and kill them. The bed bug bites are another way the bed bugs tell you about their existence. But how would you know that it is a bed bug bite and not a mosquito bite.

bed bug bites

So to detect the bed bug bites, you should think of the following question and you will know if it is a bed bug bite:

Is your face, neck, hands and arms the places of the bites?
Do the bites appear red?
Do you feel itchiness around the bites?
Were the bites there on your hands before last night? Or you got them overnight?
Is there a single bite at a place or a cluster of bites or row of 3-5 continuous bites?
So, these questions will help you know whether it is a bug bite or not. If the bites are in a row or luster, they are bed bug bites. Also, if you got them overnight, they are more likely to be bed bug bites. So avoid using an anti-itch cream and use remedies for a bed bug bite instead.

More evidence of bed bugs:

Apart from biting people, bed bugs have certain properties which can help you in discovering an infestation. You will have to look for bed bugs in your bed. But warn you, the bed bugs are not really easy to find. You will have to look too closely to find their presence. If you don’t see any bed bugs doesn’t mean there aren’t any. The bed bugs leave a dark brown colored (sometimes even black) fecal stains in the areas where they were. If a bed bug was killed after feeding on your blood, you will find red colored stain in the area. Try rubbing the stains with a wet rag. If the spots do not wash away, they are the ones created by a bed bug. Another thing bed bugs do is shedding their skin. The bed bugs’ skin or shells may be lying around in some corner of your bed and you should look for any such thing around to confirm a bed bug’s presence. This is because they develop new skin every now and then and so they keep shedding their old skin.

Bed bugs are a serious problem as the bed bug bites can cause, apart from physical damage, psychological problems in a human. So better keep your house free from any bed bugs. You can take control of your house, but how will fight the bed bugs in the hotels you stay while you travel. Bed bugs are usually present in the places where the cleanliness is not a priority and most of the hotels focus on looking good, they do not care much about bed bugs. So take care of yourself while you travel and before sleeping on any bed, examine it before and complain the hotel management about the bed bugs if you find any evidences. Aso, after travelling, you should carefully examine your luggage bags. The bed bugs have a tendency to hide themselves in the seams of the luggage. If you do not want them to enter your home, be careful with your luggage and keep everything sealed.

Contact an Expert:

As soon as you know that there is an infestation, you should control it. For that, you need to do the following:

Check carefully for the presence of bed bugs in the most common hiding places such as the mattress, the box spring, bed frame, carpet at the baseboards, some seams of upholstered furniture, headboard, etc.
There are active monitors or interception devices available in the market, which will help you to in case of an infestation. Leave these devices below the legs of your bed or couch and let them be there for 2-4 weeks. Keep inspecting them after a few days.
If you are ready to invest, you can buy a mattress cover or a box spring cover. The covers and encasements will protect your bed for many years and the price is therefore justified.
You should call in the experts. The best way to treat the bed bugs is call up professionals. The pest control companies will definitely help you get rid of bed bugs. If the pest control company is experienced enough, they will use the most effective measures and means to help you get rid of the bed bugs. Many such pest control companies are now-a-days easily available in cities.