Nothing can be more annoying and gross than having a bed bug infestation in the house. Those little vampires feed with blood from the animals or humans and they can live in a property for a very long period of time, causing further troubles and infesting each and every single room. Obviously, it is mandatory to get rid of them at all costs, before it is too late. Luckily, below you will find a series of surefire methods of getting rid of bed bugs which you can apply whenever you see signs of a bed bug infestation in your house.

Steam can kill bed bugs

Homeowners who have to deal with bed bugs should rent a special machine that generates steam from a nearby hardware store. Bed bugs as well as their eggs are very sensitive to steam and by using this machine, all the colonies will be eliminated in no time. Homeowners should make sure that they use the steam machine in all corners and edges of the room.

Vacuum the house

In a similar fashion, the vacuuming machine can also be used in order to get rid of bed bugs from carpets, floors and other places. The homeowners should vacuum all the infested rooms and pay particular attention to the edge of the carpets because this is a place where a lot of bed bugs hide. Also, the homeowner should vacuum his furniture items like sofa, armchairs, loveseats and so on as many bed bugs might have already established colonies here. Afterwards, the homeowner should seal the vacuum bag and throw it away immediately, in order to be absolutely sure that the bed bugs will not return.

Use glue to repair any loosened wallpapers

Homeowners who use wallpapers in their houses should inspect their edges and find out if they are loosened. Usually, bed bugs like to crawl around those places and hide behind the loosened wallpaper roll. In order to get rid of bed bugs, homeowners should vacuum the loosened edge of the wallpaper and then glue it down. As a result, bed bugs and other insects won’t be able to establish nests and colonies in these places.

Use insecticides in cracks and crevices

Unfortunately, walls and floors that feature cracks and crevices provide the perfect hiding point for bed bugs. However, there is still a solution to this problem. Homeowners should first remove all the dirt and debris from cracks, holes and crevices in the walls and floors using a vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, they might want to use various types of insecticides which are available on the market these days. Such products are specially designed to kill bed bugs as well as other pests and by spraying them directly into the cracks and crevices, all the bed bugs and their eggs will be killed.

Make use of tea-tree oil

This type of oil is known for its amazing abilities when it comes to eliminating bed bugs. It can be found on the market at an affordable price and it can be used to get rid of bed bugs from the entire house. For example, homeowners might want to wash all their bedspreads and clothing items which have bed bugs and also add a few drops of tea-tree oil in the mixture, for a more effective cleaning process. Similarly, tea-tree oil can be sprayed all over the furniture items and beddings which have been infested with bed bugs. Tea-tree oil produces quick results and it can be one of the best and simplest ways of getting rid of bed bugs.

Get rid of infested items

In some cases, it is a good idea to discard various furniture items or mattresses that have been infested with bed bugs, especially if they are too old and deteriorated. This will help removing most of the colonies of bed bugs and their eggs. Also, before buying brand new mattresses and furniture items, it is highly recommended to clean the house entirely and be absolutely sure that there are no bed bugs left in the house.

Take advantage of professional bed bug extermination services

If the homeowner is too busy to attempt getting rid of bed bugs by himself or his pest problems are simply too complex, the professionals can always lend a helping hand. Prices for pest control services have dropped these days and the specialists also use different types of advanced equipments and tools in order to get rid of any type of pest, whether they are bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, skunks, bats and so on.

If you have decided that now it is the right moment to get rid of bed bugs forever then make sure that you talk to us today. We have vast experience when it comes to eliminating bed bugs and other types of pests and our services come at a reasonable price too!