It is a good idea to know more about your enemy, in this case, the bed bugs. As a result, you will know what bed bug extermination methods work best for you. Bed bugs are not actually the most dangerous types of pests in the world, but no one wants them around the house and they can make your property into a mess if you allow them to linger around. Here are several interesting facts about bed bugs that you might want to know.

Bed bugs can live anywhere in the home

Literally everywhere, also thanks to the fact that these creatures are really tiny. Bed bugs usually prefer living in beds, couches or armchairs, but they can also be found in any type of textile, in closets, drawers, cushions, cracks in the walls and so on. Basically, one should keep in mind that adult bed bugs are as thin as a credit card, so they can easily slip inside tight places and establish colonies.

Bed bugs like to bite your arms and hands

These little vampires would do anything for several drops of blood. In most of the cases, they bite an individual during his night sleep and they prefer the arms and the hands. However, a lot of people reported bed bug bites on their neck and even face. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of these evil little creatures using top quality bed bug extermination services, unless one wants to get up in the morning with 20 or so red dots on his face.

You won’t feel when a bed bug bites you

Just like the mosquito bite, the bed bug bite is painless and it doesn’t create discomfort at first. Especially if one enjoys a deep sleep, he will only find out that he has been bitten during the night when he wakes up in the morning. Also, the bite marks usually consist of small raised bumps on the skin and they feature a red color.

A female bed bug will lay up to 500 eggs during her lifetime

Usually, female bed bugs lay from 1 to 3 eggs a day and between 200 to 500 eggs during her entire lifetime. This can happen during a period of 12 months or even more. Also, it is important to mention here that the egg-to-egg life cycle might take about 4 or even 5 weeks, only if the conditions are favorable.

Bed bugs don’t feed on humans only

These creatures like any type of blood as long as it comes from mammals. Therefore, they will feed on humans, various types of mammals and even birds as well. However, they seem to prefer the blood of the humans in most cases.

Bed bugs can travel long distances in order to enjoy a “meal”

It has been discovered that bed bugs can travel from 5 to 20 feet from an established hiding place in order to feed. That means that the bed bugs from the couch can still visit the homeowner during his sleep, regardless if the bed is about 20 feet away from the couch.

The feeding process can take from 3 to 12 minutes

Once they inserted the needle, the bed bugs can continue to suck blood for up to 12 minutes. Also, it has been found that a bed bug which recently had a “meal” will turn reddish or brown and have an increased size.

Bed bugs can survive and remain active even if the temperature is low

Bed bugs are not killed by low temperatures. They can easily survive temperatures of just 7 degree Celsius or 46 degree Fahrenheit. However, bed bugs are more sensitive to hot temperatures and they will die if their body temperature reaches 45 degree Celsius or 113 degree Fahrenheit. That is why in order to get rid of bed bugs, one should wash his beddings in very hot water.

If you see reddish or rusty spots on your bed, you are dealing with a bed bug infestation

There are many ways one can find out if he has bed bugs in his room or not. For example, reddish, rusty spots on the beddings are usually caused by bed bugs which have been crushed. Also, darker spots might be bed bugs excrements and they are really tiny in size. Unfortunately, they are harder to eliminate from the fabric. Also, if one spots tiny eggs or eggshells about 1 millimeter in size anywhere in his room then he is definitely dealing with a bed bug infestation.

Still, you shouldn’t despair. Bed bugs can be easily eliminated using professional bed bug extermination services. Make sure that you give us a call and you speak with our specialists about your bed bugs problem. Our experts have a lot of experience when it comes to eliminating various types of pests and our services come at reasonable prices.