A nice and comfortable bed with fresh linen and pillows to snuggle: this often describes the best feeling of many people. However, when this cozy haven gets infected by the utterly gross and annoying insects called bedbugs, the real struggle starts. There was a time when bedbugs used to be a rare sight. Although now, they’re quite common, more than we would ever want! One needs to get rid of the social embarrassment that comes along with an infested bed as it has nothing to do with hygiene or at least, very little. They are quite common, especially in hot and humid climate areas. In such a scenario, one needs to keep in mind some basic things about bedbugs so as to deal with them more efficiently. Here are four such facts that can help you in dealing with the bugs.

1. Beyond “Bed”-bugs
As the name suggests, bedbugs are found mostly in beds. However, their presence is not restricted to that territory of comfort. They can invade your other spaces too, such as your cupboards, sofa sets, behind photo frames and many such nooks and crannies of your home. Many reports suggest that the bed is just 70% of the infected area. The rest 30% is spread all across the house. Seems like the term “bedbug” is a misnomer, after all!

2. Not Necessarily Visible To The Naked Eye
Usually, the first point of contact between a person and bedbugs are the itchy bites that inflame the skin. However, there are chances when despite having those itchy bites, you might not be able to find bedbugs yourself. The bedbugs can work discretely and often escape the naked eye of a layman. In such circumstance, you need professional help. A professional can scrutinise your house to its best and provide you with required solutions. If you have slightest doubt, call the professional service providers. In fact, if you insist on finding the bugs yourself, then you would need to let go of your beauty sleep and get up a few hours early in the morning when the bugs come out mostly, i.e., before dawn. Bedbugs are usually shy and do not get out of the creeps of your bed at any time.

3. Don’t Treat Bedbugs Yourself
All the products that are available in the market that promise 100% removal of bedbugs are not going to help you even a little bit. In fact, they might just cause more harm than good. At times, various sprays and acids tend to spread the bugs more and more, instead of curbing their growth. Also,do keep in mind that a single female bedbug can lay an average of 500 eggs in her lifetime. So, if you want to get rid of them, do so quickly and only with the help of a professional.

4. Breaking The Hygiene Myth
The most common myth associated with bedbugs is that they tend to creep up in unhygienic environments, with places in poor conditions. This could not be farther from truth any more. The fact of the matter is that the bedbugs have managed to adapt themselves to different surroundings and can be found in any place which inhabits human beings, even the hospital! It is quite often noted that even the houses of most efficient home makers seem to get infested by the bedbugs.

There are times when people start considering extreme measures such as throwing away all of their clothes and even changing one’s house altogether. However, one might benefit from keeping the panic attacks at bay and instead, deal with these bugs of annoyance and disease professionally. Get in touch with us for professional and efficient bugs management services.