Decades ago, bed bugs were only found in residential homes. Cases of bed bug infestations were only reported in people apartments. But is not the case nowadays. Bed bugs are literally found everywhere. They are no longer confined to residential environments, but they continue to spread to newer places day after another. They are constantly being reported in places where there were not found before. They have now become a major problem as opposed to before when they were not a bother to many people. Are you aware of the unexpected places where you can find bed bugs? Here are most common recent bed bug infestation places:

Public and private libraries

Cases of bed bugs have been reported in both private and public libraries. Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in book shelves and they eventually find their way in books placed on those shelves. If you love borrowing books from the libraries you need to be careful. Take time and inspect them. Before you leave the library, check all the pages. Libraries could be the reason why bed bugs are circulating from one reader’s home to another.

Retail and wholesale stores

Retail and wholesale stores are one of the most visited places. Customers flock to these stores to shop for clothes, furniture and other household items. If you are a frequent visitor to these places you need to be cautious of bed bugs. You wouldn’t wish to have a bed bug infestation after doing a big shopping for your home makeover.

Remember, the fact that the items are new is no guarantee that they are free from bed bugs. Inspect any stains on the items and make sure that you shake all the clothes before you leave the store. You might be surprised to find bed bugs under the coffee table that you want to purchase.

Trains, buses, taxis and buses

If you are the person who uses public transport you need to be cautious of bed bugs. Recent studies have shown that bed bugs are nowadays riding for free in trains, buses, taxis and buses. Bed bugs are very small pests and they are very hard to detect. They might be hiding under your comfortable seat. Make sure that you take the necessary precautions when you return back home. Avoid placing your bags on the bed. Also, inspect all your belongings as you unpack them.

Schools, daycares and colleges

Recent times have seen major cases of bed bugs spreading in schools, daycares and colleges. Places where there are pupils and students are likely to be stuffy and therefore provide perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs. They are ideal incubators for all gross things.

Small kids in daycares normally share lovely toys and cots that they bring from their respective homes. College students also bring laundry from home, which may have bed bugs. Be cautious of these places. You can check with the hostel advisor or the school Director just to be sure that there is no history of bed bug invasion if you are a new student.

Worship places

If there is a creature which is not sacred it is a bed bug. They have been known to invest even the holiest places such as churches, religious meeting halls, temples and mosques. Since you have to visit these places, make sure that you clearly know how to detect and identify a bed bug. Pay attention to bed bugs when congregating in these places and interacting with other worshippers.


Unlike before, the most current agenda of many companies nowadays is how to deal with bed bugs. Many businesses are now battling with frequent bed bug infestations. Just because your office is cleaned every day doesn’t mean that there could be no bed bugs below the office furniture or beneath the carpet. Don’t assume that you are safe; doing a thorough investigation. You can hire a professional to check the boardroom as well.

Many bed bugs are normally brought into an office as packages and clients move in and out of the office. Check the brief cases, business suits and boxes that are in your office. Ensure that you provide a good working environment for your employees by ensuring that they are not bothered by bedbugs.

Areas of doing laundry

Bed bugs can invest even in the cleanest areas and so don’t be deceived by the clean nature of a laundry facility. When you are folding and sorting clothes there is more that you should be worried about. Gone are the days that people used to worry about mixing dark and light shades of fabrics. People are now worried about bed bugs.

Make sure that you inspect all the fabrics and if you find bed bugs on them, you are advised to wash them using very high heat. You can also hire a professional to carry out an extermination exercise in your home.

The next time you visit any these places, be on the lookout for bed bugs. Precaution is always the best measure to take when it comes to the fight against bed bugs. If you find that there are bed bugs within these premises, don’t worry as there are many professional companies which offer excellent bed bug extermination services that you can hire for assistance.