Bed bugs have, in recent times, become one of the most difficult pests to control. They cause serious problems and they have to be controlled the moment they are detected. Owing to their resilient and resistant nature compared to other pests, pest control experts have to be engaged. However, homeowners or residents play an important role in ensuring the success of the bedbug extermination program.

If the homeowner does not prepare well, chances of the program failing are high. Lack of proper preparations could make the treatment unsafe or even lead to re-infestation of the entire building or home. Professional pest control experts also don’t treat the areas that are not prepared to the required specifications. It is therefore essential to prepare well prior to the treatment day. These are things that you should do:

1. Light, garbage bags & vacuum

You will be amazed to see what was unnoticed before when you arrange for a better light. Have garbage bags, disposable gloves, and some sticky tape available to quickly bag away unwanted objects or “deal with later” items. That will allow you to divide up the situation into smaller manageable segments. If you can have a friend to give you a hand with larger objects

2. Target the bed first

The bed is usually the root of the bedbug infestation, and you should start with it. Begin at the outer most layers of your sleeping arrangement and work your way deeper one step at a time. Take off the linens, mattresses, and the box-springs, etc. Remove anything else that is associated with the bed in your apartment home. This should also include fabrics that are dry cleanable and machine washable, pillows, pillow cases, mattress covers and generally everything that you could possibly associate with your bed. Don’t forget to remove the items that are under the bed.

Remember, the fact that the bed bugs were not in your bed at the infestation time, doesn’t mean that it is not at risk of bed bugs or bedbug eggs. The moment there is a bed bug infestation in your home; your entire living space can provide room for safe harbouring of bedbugs even in the places that you cannot think of.

3. Unplug all electronics

Ensure that you unplug all the electronic devices in rooms which are going to be treated. Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in these places. Unplugging them also makes the area more accessible to the technicians.

4. Carry out a thorough vacuum cleaning exercise

Vacuum cleaning is an important exercise that should be undertaken prior to the treatment day. You should vacuum the floors, seams, hallways, carpets, base boards, walls, ceiling cracks and any other place that may harbour bed bugs.

Remember also to vacuum the area that is outside the infestation room because this will help loosen any bed bug eggs that could be attached in these services. Empty the vacuum cleaner bag immediately after cleaning and dispose it off in an exterior dumpster trash.

Always keep in mind that a successful bed bug extermination exercise will depend on you. So help the bed bug pest control exterminator achieve a successful bed bug removal campaign in your home by preparing well.